Julie Here From Julie Brayton Fine Art

Staying Connected In These Times Of Isolation!

I hope you are well and business is thriving or at least hanging in there.

I made a recent quote post from Dolly Parton about having to go through the rain to get to the rainbow. My eyes are focused on seeing that rainbow emerge! How about you?

In light of there being so much isolation out there, we have all had to be creative to stay in touch. I thought it would be a good idea to see if you would consider joining my community? I try to bring value in what I write and I love when people respond and we actually have a dialog. I often post work in progress and thoughts I am having regarding art and our state of mind. I offer special deals and VIP promotions to only those connected to me here. I am more than happy to reciprocate if you have a way.  Let me know what your interested in. I can’t wait to connect.

P. S. The painting to the right I did custom for a guest house in Watch Hill

commissioned piece specific for clients needs
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