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More On, Paintings That Found A Home

My reasons for being MIA are a good one! Look below!

Most of the work, with some actually missing from this lineup, sold this year.

A few on the end of the reel sold last year.

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Point Judith 3
Point Judith 3
Point Judith 2
Point Judith 1
Remember When
Happy Times
Lighthouse In Watch Hill
Providence Dream Sail
Commissioned Piece Specific For Clients Needs
Napatree Fall

First of all, how have you been doing? I hope this pandemic has been kind to you, as far as a pandemic can be! 

Thankfully no one in my family has been sick or lost work because of it. Quite frankly, as an introvert, I loved the isolation in 2020, topped with great sales! Lol! Then 2021 rolled around and I wasn’t sure quite what to expect. It started slow so I started to plan accordingly and then POW!

Show season started and honestly, I’ve never experienced shows like this before! Very good to say the least! 

I ask my buyers to send me a picture once the work is hung. You can see some of those sales above! 

It is so gratifying when people light up when they see my work on their wall. The woman gasped in glee  when we hung the  “Pink Hydrangeas” painting! Even I am like, “Wow! When I see my work in someone’s home. There’s nothing like it. That’s why I offer the service of bringing  work to clients’ homes so they can see first hand, color, size etc. it makes all the difference! That being said, I still have great success with long distance purchases like the wave on the salmon/fuschia  wall. That painting went to North Carolina.

I am literally cleaned out of work and that was with painting in between shows this summer! Crazy huh! That’s why my social engagement and emails came to a screeching halt! I just couldn’t keep up with both. 

In fact, I’m still finishing up commission work!

You were always on my mind though, don’t you worry! That’s why  you’re the first to hear about a special little picture show I have invited friends and some students of mine to participate in.  Opening Friday December 3rd I will host a special event for great gift giving shopping. 

Original paintings from 12×12/11×14 down in size marked for sale. You will be able to support not only a local business but local artists. In addition as a special friend for being on my list you will receive an extra 20% discount on select paintings and prints. Yes prints, notecards and more will be available. 

If you live far, don’t worry, special deliveries or shipping is available. I would love to see your face though, it’s been too long! : )

If you are in need of this service,  I will keep you informed on a possible special Facebook/zoom live, video or webpage for distant purchases. 

Keep an eye out for more on the upcoming little picture show!

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