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9 East Avenue Westerly Outdoor Open House Event

Excited My Event Was A Success

Hello my friends, I hate to say I'm still struggling to be regular here but I am starting the interviewing process for an assistant.  With help, I will keep you updated more often with works in progress and more. I…

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Fractals And My Art

Over the course of the this past year I discovered Fractals. I had never heard of them but I definitely was affected by them. If you are like me and don't know what this is, here is a simple and…

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Thunder Marsh Download

Use this link to download your free 10x10 high resolution Print or screensaver! Click on the link below, then right click, "save as" to your desktop! Enjoy!

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In The News

Winter can be slow sometimes but I have been keeping myself in the public eye both in the news and in magazines! An article was written in one of the local papers about the last show I did with Eric Lutes. I…

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