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Best Times In My Life! What’s Your’s?

Best times in My Life! What’s your’s?

It’s not new to many who know me, I grew up in a fisherman’s family. Some of the magical times I had was when I was out on my own little boat. Particularly Narrow River there was so much wildlife I couldn’t wait for every day to come!

Fishing on Narrow River

Eeling Narrow River

One end of the river were Osprey. When I got too close to the nest the protector would fly around and squawk. I couldn’t really get that close because it the nest was high in the air but he or she didn’t know that. On that same end there were a family of Swan. The father was very protective if I got to be too close them. There also lived an old man on that end in those days that had cows. They were all wading out in the tall sea grass shallows. The cows would hear me coming in my little motor boat. All at once they would look up together and watch as I motored by. I really got a kick out of that! The breeze, warm sun, changing skies and the smell of salt air would fill me up with such joy! I never felt upset, or insignificant. It was so peaceful! The next step was for me to paint it. In those days I mostly painted for me. As time went on I realized my work had an affect on others in a positive way! It’s really changed how I think about my work now.

What nature experiences have you had? I would love to hear them!

Our lives can be so stressful sometimes and with recent events, it just adds to the concern! I love bringing peace and joy to people through my art! The features image ” Grandpas Dingy” holds special memories for me and my family but it has over the years been a memory reminder for others of their experiences! That really warms my heart!

This painting is available in Print form now. If it makes you think of a special time or place, BUY IT NOW!

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