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Why You Need Me To Paint For You

I recently was asked to do three large paintings that will be given as gifts to the recipients three sons. This person lives both in Westerly, RI and Connecticut. The initial interest stemmed from the featured painting in this blog.…

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Red Sunflower Acrylic Painting

Thinking Of You

Just checking in, hoping this COVID thing hasn’t been too hard on you. Please feel free to respond to this email. I would love to know how you are doing. It certainly has changed things for all of us, some…

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9 East Avenue Westerly Outdoor Open House Event

Excited My Event Was A Success

Hello my friends, I hate to say I'm still struggling to be regular here but I am starting the interviewing process for an assistant.  With help, I will keep you updated more often with works in progress and more. I…

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Fractals And My Art

Over the course of the this past year I discovered Fractals. I had never heard of them but I definitely was affected by them. If you are like me and don't know what this is, here is a simple and…

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Thunder Marsh Download

Use this link to download your free 10x10 high resolution Print or screensaver! Click on the link below, then right click, "save as" to your desktop! Enjoy!

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