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Lighthouse, Block Island, Rhode Island

Let The Show Begin!

Well, Show season has started! I have been approaching the shows gingerly because past experience at shows proved unreliable and usually disappointing. I managed to make sales here and there on my own but not enough to maintain a living. Last…

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Painting and the Politician

I read this really interesting article about the politician Winston Churchill.  Winston Churchill  was very good at writing and turns out very good at painting.  I have always struggled with being able to express myself with words. I never realized how I…

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Man’s Best Friend in Progress

For the last few years I have participated in the Lupus Foundation Charity fashion show. Last year I donated a dog portrait. The recipient cashed in so she would have a special gift for her husband, a portrait of their…

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Search For Meaning In My Art

I have been painting for a long time. Throughout the years my concern was at first copy what I saw then express the impression of what I saw and finally freedom with paint to orchestrate color and design in a…

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