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Discovering My Mission And Purpose

Discovering My Mission And Purpose

It came to me in the early morning hours. 
From a very young age I had difficulty expressing my feelings. I’m not a hundred percent sure why but it may have been learned. When I think back on family members I realize this was prevalent among many in my family. Even though my immediate family and extended family were close, there was a certain “lack of understanding “ or “ judgements” that were either spoken or felt, all in the midst of, you knew you were loved. Kind of weird and crazy!
I thought I may have developed slow emotionally so this may have exacerbated the problem. There wasn’t much nurturing of individualism. By chance in effort to find something for me to do my mother bought me how to draw animal books. At the same time my father being a fisherman exposed me to the ocean and water on a regular basis. I found comfort and an escape in these two things. 

It’s taken a long time for me to figure things out but I noticed how my art paralleled my life not only in subject but in emotional development.

For a while I’ve had a strong need to be expressive with my art. Developing my ability to accurately copy was great but it was a stepping stone to where I am at today.
This is why I teach the importance of knowing the rules before being able to break them.
It doesn’t’ surprise me by the way that some family members don’t understand my recent work.
What I’m doing now has been very freeing! I’ve learned a lot about myself and I’m not afraid to express my emotions anymore. I’m confident in my ability as an artist and my choice to “break the rules”.
My art is an expression of freedom and comfort. I feel my art can relate to others who also are looking for expression and comfort in their lives.  The ability to be comfortable with who you are even if those close to you don’t understand. The inner peace that welled over me when being on or near the ocean was second to none. My art transcends your wildest dreams. I always loved swimming under water and dreamed what it would be like to live there. The expanse, the beauty and the peace. Whether I’m painting above the water or scenes of below I share this peaceful feeling to others through my work. My work in it’s most expressive state allows others to express their uniqueness while being comforted and soothed by the work on a daily basis.
Please stay in touch. I have many more updates to come. It was a very busy 2018 with more to come in 2019!
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