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Excited My Event Was A Success

Excited My Event Was A Success

Hello my friends,

I hate to say I’m still struggling to be regular here but I am starting the interviewing process for an assistant.  With help, I will keep you updated more often with works in progress and more.

I was filled with uncertainty in March but much to my surprise, I have been selling, which has allowed me to stay in my beautiful studio/gallery on 9 East Avenue in Westerly.

I am working on many things such as online how to paint courses with a membership program attached (optional), my work on clothing, bags and more where I sell mostly on Etsy, Juliebythecoast.  I also have been making sales on eBay. I am about to load work I have had for too long and I need to  clear it out. If you know someone who would like some original art but can’t afford the usual art price tags, here’s their chance! I will add my eBay link. eBay

It also could be a great gift to that your son or daughter’s new home or a beach house.

I recently made some bags and leggings, to start, and they have been a hit.

I will be starting online or DIY paint party packages.

I do all my promoting on Facebook and instagram so please follow me there.

The big news today though was a fun event yesterday that included The Band Room, owner Tom Foley teaches kids to play instruments and sing so they performed and a new fish market, RI Fishmonger, provides freshly caught fish, prepared fish and how to cook fish classes. In addition one of our salons is also a spa, Studio 9. I’m excited to try out their eyebrow feature Lol! Last but not least is Fresh Cup, Toni Luzzi. Toni has nice indoor/outdoor seating and delicious homemade pastries and yummy coffee/drink flavors. Here is a little snippet of how it went. Open House

That was our practice run. We are planning to do it again soon while the weather allows. I will definitely send an invite out in plenty of time. I hope you will attend and invite friends.

Talk to you soon!

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