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Exciting News!

Exciting News!

What a great summer it’s been! My Sailboat Series has been a hit as well as this new more contemporary impressionism style I have been doing. The feedback has been beautiful with words like, Happy, Calming, Peaceful. Many originals sold off the rack, something I have been striving for. I also have gotten special requests to preserve memories or do a painting to fit a particular space in their home. There have been a few though who despite my reasonable pricing and payment plan offers felt a little gun shy to pull the trigger on an original so asked about a print the same size. I keep my eyes open to new ways to make collecting and owning art easier and more affordable. After some research and asking fellow artists I discovered an affordable way to reproduce my work on canvas that looks and feels like an original! I am able to make much larger sizes than I could have myself. I’m excited! Not only is this great for those who are looking for something direct from an artist but simply can’t afford it,  but this make a perfect gift!!

I’m in the process of working on my website so you can click and buy hassle free. In the meantime if you see something you might like in print form, message me. I will be glad to put something together for you.

More changes. I am moving my mail server platform from Mailchimp to Mailerlite. To assure there are no glitches please go to my website and fill out the popup sign up form or form below.

I know I keep saying this, but I am going to be more regular. I am a one armed paper hanger but I am going to strive for a once a month update and more if additional news happens. I am very active on Instagram and Facebook. I will be adding more activity to Pinterest and LinkedIn. I would love to see your likes and comments there! : )

Any referrals are gratefully appreciated! Please forward this newsletter to someone you know loves art, collects art or you think would enjoy following my work. Opportunities will be on the horizon to either purchase at special pricing, only for email subscribers, or to win a free painting or print.

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