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Feelings, The Ocean And My Paintings

Feelings, The Ocean and my Paintings

Whenever I was on the water whether, hauling my eel pots or riding to Prudence to my grandparent’s house a feeling of bliss, peace and complete happiness would come over me.


Our family Prudence Island house

Our family Prudence Island house

Just the smell of the salt air filled my heart with joy. I had such a fairy tale upbringing. I would go early with my father in his skiff to be deckhand while he racked for quahogs. The water would be still as glass and the air clean and warm. The only sound once the engine was cut off and we were on the pile of quahogs would be my father doing his jig with the rack and pole and an occasional seagull. There’s nothing like it! I loved to peer deep into the water and imagine what it would be like to live down there.

My paintings convey feelings at times like these. I have often painted rolling waves on the beach at different times of day and year. Waves can be quite violent and aggressive yet the majestic power is not disturbing. Other times, waves can be soft and roll in gently. I would often easily fall asleep to that kind of wave on Prudence as I listened to it from the open window at night.

Whether I paint a wave or beach in an impressionistic or abstract way, you feel that feeling of calm. With water there are so many feelings it can evoke and so many different kinds of water ways. So you will see me paint beach and waves but also koi ponds or marsh lands with beautiful curving paths of water.

Peaceful Marsh

Peaceful Marsh

My hope is that I can share these feelings derived from experiences in my younger years with you.

Thanks to my good friend Mike Resendes of Infusion Marketing, I not only will be able to share my originals but these same images in print. I will be able to offer you a variety of sizes along with matting and framing choices as well. Mike is a social media and SEO website designing expert. Mike built for this sole purpose. It is designed to make buying an original or prints an easy and fast process. will be reserved for strictly an online portfolio showing older sold work and newer creations. In addition to, commissioned work such as portraits and murals.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Have you felt special feelings while near the water?

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