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Painting The Color Of Light
Painting The Color Of Light

Have you always wished your paintings were more colorful? Maybe you find your work to be a bit drab. Are you drawn to Monet, John Singer Sargent or other impressionist painters of old?

Whether you have been painting for a while or you are brand new just starting out, you are in the right place. I started painting at a young age. I would work very hard to duplicate exactly what I saw. Eventually I felt the need to infuse more creativity into my work. I knew I was a good at copying but I didn’t feel very strong in the creative arena. Does that sound like you? Well you are in the right place! I offer both,

Group session in my studio which will begin in September 1, 2021. Wednesday nights at 6:30pm to 9:30pm

In person my classes are $100 a month. A supply list will be provided. you can choose to work from a photo or a still life set up.

Also I offer,

A Virtual online course that is a more in depth experience.

You receive a course with modules full of lessons that you can refer to over and over and you’ll have forever. You can work on your lessons at your own pace. There is a group zoom for Q&A and at undetermined times a guest expert will be featured. Video demonstrations as well as live demonstrations to help show technique etc. One on one help is given by way of the private facebook group and email. Very much hands on and interactive. This program is more “meaty” offering a near college education for a tiny fraction of the cost.

This course is a one time fee of $1300. or $125 a month for 12 months. You get a full downloadable training you can refer to whenever you want. In addition, we will have a community on facebook where we can talk to each other at your convenience. For a 8 weeks you will get the above explained personal attention. Eventually we will move into another group where scheduled critiques, guest masters, and Q&A sessions will take place. More details to come on that.

For those of you who really want that extra attention I am offering private coaching where you will receive the above course but you will have focused time with me twice a week 2 1/2 to 3 hours through zoom or facetime and unlimited opportunity to ask questions through messaging avenues. Answers will come in the form of written, video and audio depending on the question. This private coaching is $2500. for 10 weeks with the course, downloadable files and lifetime access to the online course. This option also has payment plans to choose from.

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Learn To Paint The Color Of Light

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Thank you for joining! I will be choosing from the first few to sign on to be my founding members and receive a hefty discount in return. I'm excited to get this party started!!

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