How Passionate Are You About Painting?

For years I spent hours upon hours on learning to paint. I really wanted to understand the craft on a deeper level. I did this around struggles in life and raising four daughters.

I guess you would call that passion!

It wasn’t easy but my determination just would not let go!

Many people I teach now are retired and trying something new at their leisure. Some for a hobby and others wouldn’t mind selling their work. I know a man whose profession was an attorney. He always had a passion for painting and when he retired he was free to paint whatever he personally liked. Well that gentleman became well known in New England,  Boston area in particular, for his work. He commanded big bucks too!

You may not be interested in doing that but wouldn’t it be nice to create successful paintings in your retirement years?

My quest for more creative work took time to grow, but I am so enjoying teaching my online students what I took so long to learn in a fraction of the time.

Did you see the lemon in my last post?

I showed that to them because  it preludes the next steps we will be taking towards learning to see color accurately. I must say, they were fascinated!

Here it is again

A lot of teachers will teach Color and Light, you may have seen them advertised but this blueprint method I guarantee is not what they’re teaching. 

Monet painstakingly studied one subject in many different light conditions. Why? He realized how light plays a major role in how color translates.

Without light we don’t have color!

Understanding how light conditions affect how colors shows up are key to accurately depicting a certain scenario. This is where your feelings and emotions get infused in the work.

When people gather to watch a sunset or if you’re alone or even with a loved one to watch the sunrise, sharing that experience enhances it doesn’t it? We become welled up with emotion watching such wonder! When we as artists train our eyes to see light on a deeper level we share that experience with others through our painting. It’s important that those feelings get relayed accurately so the viewer can relate. Wouldn’t you agree?

I’m excited that I am able to save aspiring artists so much time through the method I am teaching them. 

I have artists who have taken many lessons from other artists but they didn’t learn this and it’s transformed how they think about color and their surroundings!

If you love Monet or other impressionist painters and wish you could paint like them well my blueprint method is the roadmap there. 

In my journey I chose to branch off eventually to find my own voice. I still experiment and work towards that goal but the one running theme throughout my work is COLOR. 

That’s what I’m known for and a certain few can detect where my journey started by looking at my work. 

What goal would you like to achieve? Maybe it’s just knowing how to mix color at this point in you journey. There are important key things to know about color and how to mix it that I teach.

I find many struggle with understanding value particularly as it relates to color. Many of my students, like I mentioned already have taken classes elsewhere but still struggled to see values correctly when color is involved.

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