Learn To Paint A Wave

Thank you So much for clicking the link to get your free step by step on how to paint a wave.

So many have come to me asking how I do that and if I teach. Although I have taught here and there in the past, I wasn’t sure teaching was for me. Being a typical artist introvert, I wasn’t sure I would be engaging enough. Finally I realized, I know what I am doing when it comes to painting and I can be of help to others who would like to learn my technique. You see, I was like you, I needed help. Although I had already painted on my own and had honed my copying skills, I wanted more. Can you relate? I felt like I lacked creativity. I didn’t even believe it was in me to be creative. Then I decided to find help which has resulted in my growth and style as you  may have seen on my website and facebook.

Fill out the form below and the step by step guide Part 1 will be sent to your email. This will be followed by following steps including two videos where I paint and talk live so you can see a wave unfold in real time.

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