Con’t ” I Fought Against This For A Long Time”

Is Painting Color Accurately Your Dream?

My strong desire to paint and learn what I could do to get better never stopped me even when I felt unsure of my abilities wayback when.  Teaching, well that was another story. I would jump in and out of teaching. Even though the students I had would sing my praises, it wasn’t enough to push me on like I did with learning to paint.

Then paint parties came around. Have you heard of these or been to one? They are or were the rage! Anyone could come to an event where the group would be instructed step by step through one painting while drinking wine or whatever favorite beverage and snack.

I jumped on that bandwagon and led groups of people through a painting.  I learned something about myself, I’m actually good at this! People like me! Lol! Granted, that was purely for fun but many people who never picked up a brush came out with a good painting, that they made! They were so thrilled by it and saw what goes into making a painting.

With Covid, online learning went into full force! This opened an opportunity for me to help people as far wide as I wanted to reach! It kind of solved my introverted nature also while offering my years of experience and training to those with a passion to learn themselves.

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Mind you, I am still hands on and in person via zoom, email,  videos and so on, but I discovered what joy it is to help people this way. The great part is I am providing people a platform to have my expertise by their side whenever they need me without me always physically being there. Honestly, I give a thousand times more here than in person!

You see, I spent many years of doing in person classes where I learned a lot. It was all that was available then. Once or two times a week I went to my painting class or I traveled to other states and took weeklong workshops. I spent hours and hours as well as a lot of money to learn what I can now help my students in much less time and for much less money!

I did the math as to what I must have spent over the course of those years.

It was at least $20,000 and probably more! I’m guessing you would like to avoid that much time and money!

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It’s fills my heart to be able to serve people this way and help them reach their goals.

I know how the act of painting can bring so many wonderful things to our souls. We get a feeling of accomplishment, or it’s therapy whether we paint our feelings or we paint nature. For me painting nature was painting my feelings. You may feel more connected to nature which may bring you a sense of belonging. Maybe it’s just a way to get lost in something.  You become absorbed in the learning and growth that you’re taken away from the cares of the world. Whatever your reason, the act of creating and making art is an important part of who we are and we have to do it!

So many times though I run into people who spin their wheels taking lesson after lesson from various artists only to tell me they didn’t really learn anything. They’ll say, “the teacher would help with something I was working on but they didn’t really teach anything of depth or they didn’t give much feedback” I have had students come to me after learning from someone else who were already making paintings, but didn’t know how to draw! Even Picasso knew how to draw!!

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If you are just dabbling but have no real goals you would like to achieve, my course probably isn’t for you.

I think that was part of my problem with teaching in the past, I wasn’t coming across potential artists, people who had the burning desire to learn how to paint and paint well, whether for themselves or for a career. They weren’t in it for the long haul, they were just “Paint Party” goers.

That was frustrating and disheartening for me. I am very passionate about painting. In fact, I stopped and thought to myself one day, “ I can’t believe I still love to do this after all these years!”

What about you? Are you passionate to learn the skill of painting? Are you drawn to the color and work of Monet? Do you wish you knew how to achieve rich, expressive, yet Believable color in your work? Book A Call With Me

If this is you you will appreciate how being committed is needed to really learn. If you start to play the piano and get as far as learning a few notes or even a song but you never continue learning to progress, well that’s where you’ll stay stuck. You know that 1 lesson or 4 lessons in piano playing isn’t going to  give you the confidence to play like a pro. What if you want to play Classical or Jazz? You no doubt would invest a reasonable amount of time and practice in that style before feeling comfortable to show it off.

My course is packed with information on how to see color accurately and then how to paint what you see. You will be able to refer back to it again and again.  With all the money I spent, I didn’t get that! In addition, you will have me for extended explanations and demonstrations. I provide critiques that everyone in the group can learn from. You also benefit from sharing with others in the group.

This unique way of seeing and painting color will open doors and possibilities for self-expression you can’t imagine now. If Your desire is to enrich your paintings with color and expression unique to you , you’re in the right place. For taking the time to read this I want to give you a special gift. A sneak peek inside. The first video I am critiquing the work of one of my students learning to see value. The second video demonstrates how that applies in color.


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