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If You Want The Rainbow….

If You Want The Rainbow….

Well we’ve had some rain wouldn’t you say? This was a year of many uncertainties and emotional fluctuations and just down right stress!

Isolation from friends, family and anything with a pulse in some cases, creates its own kind of stress. Even I the introvert had enough of the isolation!

My escape was to make a point to get out and paint from life. You may have taken hikes or walks on the beach. Being close to nature, examining it and then interpreting it keeps me grounded and elevated at the same time.

One thing you and I have at our disposal is the awe inspiring nature that surrounds us. It could be all we see is sky.

I lived in Providence for 7 years in a really cool artist loft on the third floor. There were eleven 5×8 ft windows. The space was long and narrow with half the windows on one side and half the windows on the other.
I had the best view of the sky! Sunrise and Sunset displays on either side of my loft. It was awe inspiring. Yes, I painted it!

Everyone has some kind of beauty around them to give that feeling of awe! Awe can take us away and give us a feeling of hope, and space in time.

I try to capture that feeling through my art through the subjects I choose and also my interpretation of the subject.

I want to be a part of Bringing That Rainbow To You!

As a thank you for being so supportive to me in this past year, I want to offer you a 35% discount on your next original fine art purchase and 15% off print purchases through the month of January.

Use The Code VIP at check out for Original Art. VIPP for prints

This excludes Save The Bay purchases as 50% will go to support our local waters.

I hope next year turns out better for all of us! Let’s stay connected! Follow me by liking my business page


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