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Let The Show Begin!

Let The Show Begin!

Well, Show season has started!

I have been approaching the shows gingerly because past experience at shows proved unreliable and usually disappointing. I managed to make sales here and there on my own but not enough to maintain a living. Last year was a turning point for me however. My transition to what I’m calling, contemporary impressionism, has given me a new lease on my art career! I have found young and old, men and women are finding my work more than worthy of compliments.  People are going a step further and actually paying for it! Whoohoo! The last few years I stepped back from doing a lot of shows because of the lack of sales. Now I am increasing the amount of shows. I’m so excited to have finally found my path! In addition to my contemporary impressionism, I have a side line of hand painted charts that I also turn into pendants. With some trial and error, I found a sweet and old fashioned method to producing a beautiful finished product. I have an Etsy account called Juliebythecoast.  There is where you can find my charts and pendants along with some Giclees of select paintings.  I will have digital downloads of some things in addition to already printed and framed work.

Thank you to all of you who have been so supportive of my journey! If you would be so kind to continue that support by sharing my blog posts or if you are connected to me on social media share those posts as well that will help me extend my reach.

Remember you can always purchase my work here directly through my website. Most importantly, please sign on to my newsletter for updates on shows and new work!

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