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Painting and the Politician

I read this really interesting article about the politician Winston Churchill.  Winston Churchill  was very good at writing and turns out very good at painting. 

I have always struggled with being able to express myself with words. I never realized how I was expressing myself with paint over these years. As I look back, if nothing else, I have “written” about my journey in life but didn’t  realize it.

Reading Winston Churchills  story and the words he expressed about painting was so perfect to me,  for example he said, 

“Just to paint is great fun,” he wrote. “The colours are lovely to look at and delicious to squeeze out.”

I’ve  always said how the smell of paint and gum spirit turpentine would make my mouth salivate and just the smell would move me to want to paint. Oils in particular have texture so luscious just the act of painting brings me great joy! For me to put words behind this was always difficult but was definitely a deep well of emotion.

Churchill was most fond of oils too, for their forgiving, flexible nature and bright colors—as well as the joy they exuded. I love how Churchill  refers to painting as a joyride in a paint-box!

 “We may content ourselves with a joy ride in a paint-box. And for this Audacity is the only ticket.”

The article brings out how there was more to it for Churchill

Timothy Riley, director and chief curator of the National Churchill Museum in Missouri. “His paintings come from the same place. His brilliant mind, his vision, his power of observation informed him as a statesman, a writer, a reader, and as a painter.”

Its thought that painting made Churchill a more effective leader, particularly thanks to the improved powers of observation and memory the hobby brought him.

This same joy and well of emotion can be derived just by being in the presence of art that moves you. It may be the subject, composition  or colors. It doesn’t matter as long as art makes you think. It may be to think about happy times and great memories, or to think deeply about the how’s and the why’s.  Either way art, whether participating in the act of creating or merely as an observer, enriches  lives.

Here is the link to the article if you wanted to read it in its entirety. The Story About Winston Churchill The Painter
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