Memories Of Home

Preserving Memories

I love when I can bring warm memories to my clients. I have had the privilege of doing that on several occasions in a variety of ways.

This painting was recently done this year for a Rhode Island Couple. They live in a great location in Barrington right on the water. This painting evolved, as often they do, from a painting of the house to including the mom and kids and of course dad doesn’t want to be left out!

I loved that they love my new contemporary style and wanted the portrait to be done in this manner. I am able to create in a variety of looks and styles but this is my most creative venture with the looser overlap of paint and color with dripping wax.

I also lately have started my paintings with an orange underpainting

Beginning step

Beginning step

I use yellow ochre to draw in my composition, then I start with a palette knife laying in color. I like to move around the painting to see how different parts will relate to each other.

Step two

Step two

Here I start to add details of the house and fill in the canvas.

Step three of Preserving Memories

Step three of Preserving Memories

The painting is near the end. At this point I have quickly suggested the figures and there are minor touches throughout the painting that will need to be done. There were houses on either side of their house but would not add to the painting and focus of what this is about so I eliminated them. The magic of painting!! The tree was a really important element to the preserving of this memory for them. That’s why, in part, I took the view so far back. That’s me in in the boat, haha!

I hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes. I have more to come. Remember I am available for all kinds of commissioned work. Memories come in the form of vacations you have been on, snippets of your wedding day, like below, your pets, of course portraits of loved ones.

Here is an example of a wedding memory

Bronwyns wedding


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