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Progress Is Never Ending

Progress is Never Ending

In my efforts to grow as an artist, I am constantly exploring my more emotional side through my painting. I used to call it being more creative but now I realize I am expressing my emotions, my thoughts, what’s important to me, in the work I do on canvas.

I have become more talkative these days, although not great at it, I often see glazed eyes, but it has taken work to find words that express the feelings I express in my art.

I have to say YOU, my precious collector, have helped me so much in that journey! 

Early on I mastered copying but that wasn’t enough!

Here’s an example of my copy work.

What really excites me is when I do this!

The best part is the response I get from you!      SO, what do you think?

Should I loosen up even further?

My natural leaning is to copy which I’m fighting on this Lily painting.

Because you are special to me,


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I’m off to see this little one

Have A Great Day!!


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