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Search For Meaning In My Art

Search For Meaning In My Art

I have been painting for a long time. Throughout the years my concern was at first copy what I saw then express the impression of what I saw and finally freedom with paint to orchestrate color and design in a way that made my heart sing. Before long I realized I needed to create meaning beyond my intuition and love for the art.

This is where understanding my story then telling my story to then connect with others who connect based on their own beliefs, passions and experiences.

In previous blogs, I wrote about my upbringing on the water as a fisherman’s daughter and how my loves for water and nature have always been very dear to me. This has been my major sources of subject matter and interest.

Recently though I have come to realize an even bigger meaning to what I do.

In my efforts to make a living at what I love I thought the medical industry, hospitals, doctors offices, senior citizens centers, etc. would be a great industry to pursue. In my research I learned how healing art can be in these types of environments. Art evokes all kinds of emotions depending on the subject and purpose. In this case, art can take people away to places they may remember or give them the feeling of being at the location the painting portrays. Some paintings can lead people through to find their own meaning causing them to get lost in their thought causing them to forget their existing situation be it pain or sadness. So much more can come from the presence of art.

Peaceful Marsh

This painting Peaceful Marsh is available in a variety of print types.

I would like to talk more about this in the future.

As I explored this market,  an unbelievable coincident presented itself. My friend Naomi owner of a franchise called Right At Home home care asked to meet to talk about a seventy something year old patient who is mentally challenged while being artistically gifted. This man, Mike, due to low funds is in a home surrounded by mentally challenge people much worse than him. In addition, he is faced with the possibility of not affording art supplies. He has painted hundreds of paintings currently collecting dust in storage.

I have seen his paintings and he is very good!

We are planning a show of his work and a campaign to help this artist afford art supplies and my wish is to see if maybe we could place him in a family’s home. He is very articulate and actually does a way better job labeling his paintings than I do. The names he chooses draws you in to his abstract work and you get it! It’s so cool!

As the plans progress I will keep you posted.

Supporting the arts whether it is simply buying art you like or donating to your favorite artist to help them continue to create is a worthy cause. Doing this helps more than the artist but those that are touched by the work the artist creates.

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