Paint The Color Of Light 

Painting The Color Of Light

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Painting The Color Of Light is a comprehensive course on capturing light conditions using color through paint. You may use Oils, Acrylics, Pastels even Watercolor, whatever your medium, you can bring expressive color into your work. Believable color is key! While many teach about using color to paint or even to paint “Light”, this is different!

This is learning to see color accurately while depicting the light conditions in a believable, yet colorful way.

Monet did hundreds, maybe thousands of paintings. He studied nature like a scientist to see how atmosphere affects the way light affects color. As you train your eye the way Monet did, you start to see minute details in color. The subtleties and beauty that can be derived whether you paint detailed realism or loose abstracted realism, even abstracts you paint are affected by this knowledge!

My course gives you step by step instruction on how to train your eye to see these subtleties. Many principles you may have already learned apply but is directed differently towards a deep understanding about color. I find it to be a fascinating subject and endeavor to study and perfect. There’s countless opportunities to explore new ideas and techniques for applying paint once your knowledge of color has become intimate and second nature.

This course is for the serious student! You may not want to sell your work ever, although after you see your work, in time you may change your mind. Maybe you are just wanting to enjoy the act of painting and learning! Maybe you have already had some success with your painting but you want to fine tune or lean in more towards expressive, colorful work. You may want to make a little side income with a few painting sales, whatever your reason this is the course for you.

This is a 6 module course with several lessons in each. Each module contains lessons on the building blocks needed before stepping into the next module and eventually creating the paintings you always wanted! Each Module with it’s lessons are foundations steps. Just like playing the piano you need to learn the keys and positioning of your hands to learning notes and chords before playing a song.

I was already a painter when I learned to See The Color Of Light. I had to retrain my thinking though because, although I was a capable painter, I felt I needed more expression and creativity. It felt like I was starting over but I was passionate about improving and being trained by masters whose work I admired. At that time I had no clear aspirations to become a professional artist, I just wanted to improve. I was so serious that I did this while raising 3 little kids at the time and secular work. I would go once or even twice a week to soak up all that I could. There was no online at that time. I only had access to in person learning. It took me a long time to achieve the success I have today.

That doesn’t have to be you! My course includes lessons that delve into a little history, some drawing and composition basics and an in depth study on value. I never got that! I had to decipher the language my teacher was speaking as he would use words I was  unfamiliar with. I finally had to say to myself, “I’m just going to copy what he does until it clicks” and that’s exactly what happened!

How Passionate Are You To Learning And Improving?!


This program brings in my years of training and experience. Some of that training came from the Rhode Island School of Design. A program like this wouldn’t be found there though, nor in any other college, yet the depth of information you get will make you will feel like your taking a college course. What is great for you is I am at your disposal whenever you need me, through text, email, our Facebook group yes and even phone. I am passionate about helping you improve as an artist and painter! I didn’t get that kind of help!


This Is A Comprehensive Course


In order to grasp the concepts taught here you must follow the Blueprint and Building Blocks.

If you are:

  • A casual painter who’s not that concerned with getting better, then this is not for you.
  • If you like to take lessons from various artists at one time, then this is not for you!
  • Some painters who dabble and  don’t want to work that hard to improve, you guessed it, this is not for them!
  • Maybe you’re afraid of commitment, well this may not be for you either but I will say, you will own this course forever so you will not be under any time constraints. The only constraint will be the allotment I give for personal attention. With this offer, get a year of my being at your disposal. If something comes up and you can’t paint, no worries, the content will be waiting for you.

But if You Are:

  • Passionate about learning to paint and improving
  • Already a painter but want more expression and color in your work
  • Are serious to learn one method and master it before moving on to another in order to find your personal voice to share with the world
  • Are not afraid to make mistakes in the learning stages but are open and know anything new requires a learning curve.
  • Someone who loves to paint and never gets tired of it!


Than This Is For You!

Here’s What People Have Said About It!

Stephen Testimonial

Stephen L.

 I’ve been painting with watercolors for six years. It’s not a long time to be painting, but it is long enough to realize that I needed something to jumpstart the colors of my palette and the realism of my paintings.  That is when I discovered an online class “Painting The Color Of Light” offered by Artist Julie Brayton; the owner of Julie Brayton Fine Art Studio in Westerly, Rhode Island. In “Painting The Color Of Light” Julie Brayton has exercises that help me to understand that the color of all objects appear to change whether in bright sun or when immersed in shade. It all comes down to that we need to open our eyes and forget what we think we know, then we can begin to execute this concept about the color of light. Practice of her exercises has opened my eyes, broadened my palette and helped in the realism of my paintings. They might just help you too.

Rosemary Testimonial

Rosemary M.

If you are looking for an art class to inspire and enlighten you, look no further than Julie Brayton’s Capture  the Color of Light painting course! Have you ever admired a work of art and wondered, ” how did they do that?” As an accomplished painter, Julie masterfully captures the color of light in all of her works. She shares her expertise in a friendly,  easy to understand manner that is appropriate for all levels of learners. The course covered a lot of information that was delivered in concise sections that made it easy to understand. The structure was logical and effective. It was clear to see that Julie put her  whole heart into designing this class so that she could share her passion for art with others.  For me, the greatest benefit came from doing assignments, receiving individual feedback and interacting with Julie and the other participants. Her format gave me the confidence to implement my newly learned techniques. Truly I cannot speak highly enough of this course.

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