Discover The Exact Formula To Overcoming Frustration With Your
Dark, Dull Paintings And Help You Quickly Infuse The Color Of Light
Into Your Work Bringing You Satisfaction And Excitement

Free Webinar

Wednesday, April 19

3:00PM EDT, 12:00PDT

The Next 10 Minutes You’ll Discover:


  • The Five Stages of Transformation. You will go from

a dark and dull painter to CApturing The Color Of Light,

making your paintings expressive and full of life!

  • Artist In The Dark. In this stage you will immediately learn

the basic principles to bringing life to your paintings.

you will see what’s needed for more expressive color and expression.

More importantly, How To See The Color Of Light.

  • Great Expectations. here you will begin to see how to make the

transformation from dull to expressive work through clear formula

that sets you up to your own creative path and alleviating confusion.

  • Light On The Horizon. Your paintings will no longer lack excitement

as you gain confidence in applying color and learning to “see” how light

affects color.

  • Confident Colorist. From here you move on to heightened skill and abilities.

You will confidently push forward to being a Creative Colorist and finally a

Freedom Painter. You will use your new found understanding to create

the work you’ve always dreamed of, full of creative expression.

Hosted By

Julie Brayton

A professional Fine Artist who has

been painting for over 30 years and

has sold her work nationwide and abroad,

is now sharing her years of experience

and training with her students.

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