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The Tsunami After The Covid Earthquake

The Tsunami After The Covid Earthquake

The Featured Image Is Of Napatree Point In Watch Hill.

This painting sold this past weekend.  It seems after being cooped up for a year people are on a feeding frenzy!

Outdoor shows for me are just ok usually. I make contacts and get seen which to some extent has it’s advantages but I don’t break bank as some artist do.

This year has been a little different.  I am definitely doing much better in sales. I got to thinking though, this has to be a post covid rush. During covid many people not only had to stay at home but also work from home. They realized their environment was not especially enticing, soothing or comforting. In addition with less travel and eating out they had extra money so they started to work on their homes.

More and more I think, people realize the importance of art in their surroundings. Art, yes compared to food and shelter is not a necessity but when there is expendable income,  that can change. I’m finding that people are craving a feeling of peace and comfort and even hope in their life. The paintings that many have been drawn to of my work has been something like this

. People refer to this as having a spiritual  feeling. (This particular piece is available in canvas and paper prints.)

I wish I didn’t have to make money with art. I love making people happy and bringing joy and comfort into their life. Art is very powerful in this way! I love  creating the work and being connected to nature while doing it. It’s a win win all the way around! I have met some really great people I have become friends with in the meantime!

Even if someone doesn’t have the means to buy an original they will choose a framed canvas print or a matted print. This give the person a feeling of connection not only to a scene or colors that they love but to an artist they have now know personally and who created the work instead of a nondescript, nonconnected Home Goods buy.

This is the best part of my job second to actually painting!

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