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Thinking Of You

Thinking Of You

Just checking in, hoping this COVID thing hasn’t been too hard on you. Please feel free to respond to this email. I would love to know how you are doing.
It certainly has changed things for all of us, some to the better and others to the worst. I have found although a bit disconcerting at first that I have done ok. All our major shows were cancelled but we did some pop up shows that weren’t bad. It definitely helped. It feels like a miracle but with every finale of a job, I’m thinking what’s next, what’s going to happen and low and behold, another commission or sale comes around.
I have had drop in’s at my studio which is unexpected but very cool! I have been in my studio space alone since June carrying the full expense and so far so good. The previous year I shared with an interior designer Dianna Normanton. Dianna works with Bowes Contracting in Wakefield RI if anyone local needed her services.
My daughter Taylor has moved in to the studio now so we are designing a sign with both our names on it.
Everyday I think of new ways to steady and grow my business. For example,  possibly switching my main medium to acrylics from oils. This allows me to paint faster thus allowing me to charge less. At the very least a separate line of acrylic work called, “The Dream Series.” Still working that idea out. This little 6×6 Flower painting is done in acrylic and available for purchase. I wouldn’t say it’s part of the dream collection but it felt good to paint a floral. I’ve been branding myself as a coastal painter which I never get tired of but it’s nice to do other things once in a while.
I’m currently putting my course “How to Paint the Color of  Light” together. I’m hoping to launch soon. If you know anyone who would love to learn to paint or expand their painting abilities, please share my info with them. I am offering a special deal to “Founding Members” who I’m asking to give feedback on the course to better help aspiring painters. More Information Here
I did my first virtual paint party a couple weeks ago. It went very well. For those unfamiliar with paint parties, it’s strictly for fun but you can learn something where I guide a group of people step by step through painting a painting.
I used to do them in person but virtual has become king! You should try it!
So tell me, what have been your biggest challenges in life? Particularly now in these times but even overall. If you could wave a magic wand what would your life look like?
I look forward to hearing your response!
PS, Don’t forget as a member of my email community, you receive an automatic 30% discount on your purchases. Just remind me you are receive my emails.
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