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We Are What We Think

We Are What We Think

A story is told about a thief in ancient times, you may have heard about this, who stole a magnificent coat. The coat was made from the finest materials including buttons of silver and gold. When he returned to his friends after selling the coat to a merchant in the marketplace, his closest friend asked him how much he had sold the coat for.

“A hundred pieces of silver,” was his reply.

“You mean to tell me you only got a hundred pieces of silver for that magnificent coat?” Asked his friend.

“Is there a number higher than a hundred?” Asked the thief.

Does lack of knowledge prevent you from experiencing many joyful, magnificent things in life? Sometimes preprogrammed beliefs can leave us shortsighted and left thinking this is it. This is what life is and I have to deal with it! 

One year at an art show, a man asked about a painting I had. Because we were at the show I offered him a $200 discount from what my website was. He asked me questions but left without the painting. He came back several times over the course of the day and the weekend. The final day a mob of family members came to see the painting. They identified themselves and commented favorably about the painting then left. The show ended and no sale was made. I was so perplexed over that experience. Finally a friend told me, “ He didn’t have confidence in his ability to choose art.”  In my lack of knowledge, I didn’t see that at the time to help with the decision. In the end, we both lost.

Don’t let fear or lack of knowledge keep you from owning art.

I am available to answer any questions about art you may have. I offer a variety of options to make purchasing as easy as possible for you.

Ask me in response to this email or reach out through my website. Please share my work on Social Media or email. Thanks

Enjoy the day!

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