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Value Is Cool, What Does That Have To Do With Color?

To understand color is to understand value.

I’m Done!

Lol! Ok I’ll continue…..

If you follow me you must have an interest in Monet, Impressionism, color. Monet was very interested in capturing nature in its natural state. In particular capturing the color of light. If you are as serious as he was and I am and many others like me, you can get lost, never bored, with training your eye to see value and color at the most subtle level. Naturally our eyes can only see a portion of what actually exists but as you paint, paint and paint again while looking for those subtle color changes, you start to see things you never would in the beginning.

An exercise I gave my students recently was to actually copy a Monet. Have you ever copied an artists work you admire? Did you know, with an appointment, you can set up and paint at a museum to copy a master’s work?

Definitely Try It!

Many artists teach about value and light but not many teach, online how to see the “color of light” and how value plays an important role. Learning to see color and the subtle changes that can happen are key but without the foundation of value, you lose something.

This video is the first step in a demonstration I gave to my current students on how I start a copy of Monet.


If you would like learn to more, join my community of artists who saw the “Light” and and now are learning to transform their paintings into colorful light filled paintings like the impressionists of the past. Click Here

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P.S. Respond yes to the email you received this link if you would like step 2 of painting a copy of Monet’s haystack.

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