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Why Do You Buy Art? Or Why Aren’t You Buying Art?

Why Do You Buy Art? or Why Aren’t You Buying Art?

I have been told my art gave them goosebumps because of the spiritual feeling the work they bought made them feel. Some have been reminded of loved ones who have passed when looking at Sunset Marsh.

Sunset Marsh

Sunset Marsh

Being a coastal dweller and primarily coastal painter I connect deeply with people who love the sea and coastal vantage points as much as I do. Some have bought works such as flowers by the sea that depicted local scenes to them which was a reminder of the surroundings they love so much.

Lilacs by the Sea

Lilacs in Seabreeze

For coastal dwellers like myself, we never get enough of the awe that comes from seeing amazing skies and the reflections of light on the water. That feeling is a high like no other. Many find a deeper meaning and connection for life when they are reminded of such beauty. Sometimes we are reminded of events that make us smile or the people we had those experiences with. To top that off, most non-artists only see what’s in front of them so they miss that special vision an artist can bring. This interpretation heightens the emotional response to something we already find amazing.

It’s a scientific fact that color, light, and compositions in themselves have a chemical reaction  similar to going for a walk on the beach or in the woods. Add to that, a familiar scene or reminder of good times in our life and you have a winning formula.

We are all under particularly stressful times so surrounding ourselves with reminders of peaceful, happier times is of the utmost importance.

Currently I am creating these three paintings for a client.

In order of completion, these paintings are not all done yet. They are gifts for my clients sons that were commissioned for the very reasons I’ve expressed above. All paintings are local scenes here in Westerly RI of Misquamicut Beach. Memories of special times in their lives.

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