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Why You Need Me To Paint For You

Why You Need Me To Paint For You

I recently was asked to do three large paintings that will be given as gifts to the recipients three sons. This person lives both in Westerly, RI and Connecticut.

The initial interest stemmed from the featured painting in this blog.

This resulted in my needing to get reference images of the exact angles she would want for the different paintings. All of them would consist of local beach scenes in Westerly, RI.

It’s commissions like these that make my heart sing! I happened to pick a perfect day, by accident I might add, to shoot photos of two particular spots that pinpointed memorable locations for this family. The light was clear, silvery yet bright and lended to a unique look not typically seen. My only disappointment was not having my easel to set up and paint on the spot.

I couldn’t stop shooting the waves rolling in and the different angles of the beach, some for my own future reference. It was magnificent!

When I first started painting, I primarily did it for me. When I decided I would like to do this for a living, over time I learned how my work affected those who purchase or view it. The reaction to the paintings I have done for others have quite frankly surprised me over the years. I guess I have taken for granted my ability to recreate the wonders of nature that brings me so much joy. Why wouldn’t I think that others would derive a similar joy in viewing it!

My paintings bring into the clients life a snippet of who they are, what’s important to them and the nature or subject they love so much indoors. When the painting is done of a favorite location this, heightens the experience keeping memories close. The reaction I have gotten when I deliver paintings is an overwhelming expression of joy and satisfaction!

 I feel blessed to have brought this feeling to others and that they have trusted me to make their vision come to life! It’s not too late for you to do the same! Reach out to me! Click here or on the right of this article.

Here are some of the photos

I will show you the paintings as they progress so stay tuned.

Here are some Rhode Island referral partners, friends of mine,  I highly recommend if you are ever in need.

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