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With Spring Comes Growth

With Spring Comes Growth

I do miss the days of fishing for eels but spring brings new experiences and memories. That in itself should help us to realize or remember, nothing stays the same. Sometimes we might not want change, like me, I didn’t want to stop fishing for eels.

As happens though, changes happened in my life that were unforeseen.  In addition, the eels stopped potting. Even though I still miss those days, I could never go back. because things have changed so much on the river in Narragansett. I practically had the river to myself, which was glorious! Now so many people have discovered it that it’s actually crowded! Things that used to be are also gone like, the bridge that the passing road used was rebuilt. This meant a house on the river owned by an older gentleman I had never met was lost. This man owned cows who would wade out into the eelgrass. As I went by in my boat,  they would all look up simultaneously and together watch me go by. I got the biggest kick out of that! The last staple to go was the infamous shack that was on a little island within the river.


Now spring brings new adventures and explorations. After eeling I had four kids. I am thankful I did that young because I am still young enough to enjoy finding new places to continually grow my ability to see and translate the color of light through Plein Air painting.

Spring is so unique as the new colors of growth and flowers emerge! It’s so much fun!

The featured painting is not finished. I was wondering if you would help me decide whether I should put other floral colors in with the yellow?

And Tell Me, What’s One Thing You Love About Spring?

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