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Work That Found Home

This is a crazy business, without a doubt! I never can predict what’s going to happen! Thankfully the last two years have worked out well for me. It still can be disconcerting though not doubt! Lol!

After a great Covid year, go figure, and stress free to boot as I didn’t have to lug and set up show stuff, people came to me, 2021 started out causing me concern. I wanted to harness what happened in 2020 but couldn’t figure it out. No one knew including the show sponsors how outdoor shows would go in 2021. Show sponsors plan shows way in advance so this year was when things were still tenuous. Honestly, shows in general can be hit or miss for me so when the first show in Narragansett happened I was stunned to find people on a feeding frenzy for art! People had not only been cooped up looking at their four walls but also had extra money due too not going out to eat or traveling! For the first time I was frantically painting in between shows to refill my booth! I also sold work I had had for a while, work I wondered why weren’t gone by now! It was so nice to see them go to their new home!

Here are some more pieces that found a new home.

Rumbling Wave

Above Image: Original and an original size canvas print of this painting sold.

Whit Sails

Above Image: An older piece that sold in addition to several canvas prints.

.    .

They are too numerous to list.

I am working now on commissions and new pieces I am excited to get to. Hopefully I will see you at some upcoming shows! Thanks for reading!


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