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The Artist behind Julie Brayton Fine Art

As a native Rhode Islander and daughter of a fisherman, I paint to comfort, raise happiness and bring realization of purpose.

Growing up on and near the water it feels as if I became one with the ocean. In fact I wished I lived under water. I felt such peace and tranquility whenever I was near it as well as the nature that grew around it. It was so natural for me at a young age to paint scenes of the water. I have realized over time how important nature is to us bringing us comfort and soothing to our soul.

My heart is when I’m alone or with a friend, sharing the wonders and awe of nature. My soul and my heart, fill up with an overwhelming emotion when I am close to coastal scenes particularly. Words could never describe the intense feeling so I felt compelled to put those feelings down in paint. I think this is why painting water came so natural to me.

It’s helped me realize how immensely important to nature we are and the importance for us to take care of it. Paying homage to nature by creating art that is inspired by it is another way to show our connectedness. My vision is to interpret nature through my art in such a way that minds and hearts are opened. Those viewing my work will be uplifted to an awareness as to how important we all are. This brings us comfort and purpose.

I have had the great pleasure of bringing this feeling to my clients by creating artwork that fills specific needs and expressions of my clients. My ability to be versatile enables me to create the vision you may have for your space.

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I studied with artist Ernest Principato, an accomplished painter who studied at the art student league in NY, Boston art league, with renowned artists like Sanders, Kinstler and more as well as the Cape School of Art with Henry Henche. Not only did he impart his wisdom to me but introduced me to the Cape Cod School of Art where I took workshops with Lois Griffel, owner of the school at the time, who also studied with Henry. This training really shaped me as an artist.

From this I have developed my own style and interpretations. I now classify my work as Contemporary Impressionism.

My artwork is in many private residences throughout the U.S. and is in several public collections including Hasbro hospital. Some of that work is in the form of commissioned portraits, murals and favorite places to the owner. I am a member of the Wickford Art Association where I have participated in group shows.

It brings me great satisfaction when I see how pleased a client is with their new artwork that sometimes is a collaboration between them and me.

This painting was done by request of a Watch Hill client. She took an existing painting I had sold and we recreated it to a larger format tweaking the colors to match her decor.

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